Commercial Service

Many business operate long after the sun has gone down, such as hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues - and a sophisticated lightscape can help these places provide a comfortable, welcoming guest experience! Even traditional office spaces can benefit from a well-designed lightscape, which will help to keep their business safe and secure during off-hours. 

Whatever your commercial needs may be, get to know the benefits of a high-quality lightscape! They include:

  • Safety and security: If you run a hospitality business, your guests' comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Not only will they be more likely to choose a hotel, restaurant or other venue that is well-lit and welcoming - but proper lighting can also help them feel safer as they walk around your property. Security-wise, light serves as a major deterrent for would-be break-ins as well. 

  • Major savings: Business owners never forget about the bottom line, and are often looking for ways to be more sustainable. Did you know that highly efficient LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption by up to 75 percent?

  • Recognition: Are potential customers missing your business because your sign or property is obscured in the dark? A new lightscape can help!